Saturday, 10 December 2016

Frugal Countdown to Christmas...Day 16...12 Days of Christmas Advent Calender

I normally do a Advent Calender with the Kid's for the whole month on December. I feel like this has been our busiest Christmas so far and I just didn't quite get to doing  the whole month with them. They do have their chocolate Advent Calenders, so they are pretty happy with that. But we love doing something as a family, so this year I'm just going to do a Advent calender countdown for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. 
We are going to start on the 13th of December and go till Christmas Eve.
Here is a list of some of the things that we will be doing...
* Drive around to look at Christmas lights.
* Watch a Christmas movie
* Bake & decorate Christmas cookies
* Make Christmas ornaments
* And our most exciting one is going to the City for 2 days to look at the David Jones Christmas windows, all the Christmas decorations and the Christmas light shows and fireworks!

Along with these fun Christmas traditions, we want our kid's to remember the whole reason we actually celebrate Christmas, Jesus! So I found this awesome free printable. It is a 12 Days of Christmas Navity Printable. Each day there is a picture from the Christmas Story, as well as a little poem and a Bible reference that you can look up to correspond with each day. All you need to do is print them out, cut them up and place the 2 matching pieces in an envelope. You should then have 12 seperate envelopes. You can choose whatever order you would like them to go in and number them 1-12. I personally am going to make sure that number 12 is Jesus, so that I'm building up to the main focus and reason for celebrating Christmas. If you would like to join our family on this little nativity journey, then click on  12 Days of Christmas Nativity Printable from "Happy home fairy" and print away.

Kylie xx

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