Sunday, 11 December 2016

Frugal Countdown to Christmas...Day 15...Pom Pom Garlands

I love pom poms! I think they are so cute and when you make them into a garland, they are perfect in any room from a little baby's room to a living area. I recently made some for Christmas and I'm loving the colour combos! You can make them in any colour, so if you are different from me and are not fond of the traditional Christmas colours, then you can make them in whatever colours you love. 

These are incredibly cheap to make and are not hard at all, but I must admit they are a little fiddly & time consuming to make. They are totally worth the time though!
If you are keen to make you own, then here is what to do...

You will Need
* A ball of wool in each of your desired colours 
* Scissors
* 1 Skewer
* Sticky tape

How to make it

Start by wrapping the wool around your 4 fingers.

Continue till you have wrapped the wool 120 times around.
By the end it should look like this.

Gently remove the wool from around your fingers. 

Place the wool on top of 1 strand of wool  measuring 15cm. 

Tie the strand of wool tightly around the gathered wool and double knot it. Please note that if it is not tied tightly, it will not work.

As you pull the wool tight, the ends will meet and form a circle.

 Cut right around the edge of the circle.

 And what you will be left with is a shaggy pom pom. You can choose to leave it like this .

 Or if your like me, I prefer mine to be neat & fluffy, so you will need to trim the pom pom evenly until it gets to your desired length.

 To thread it into a garland, take a skewer and wool.

 Attach them together at the top with sticky tape.

And start threading through the pom poms, one after another. You can space them apart however you like. 

 Make sure to leave enough wool at each end to hang the garland.

Kylie xx

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