Sunday, 18 December 2016

Frugal Countdown to Christmas...Day 11...Free Christmas sights to see in Sydney

We just got back from 2 days in the city in Sydney. We planned this little trip so that we could soak up all the Christmas loveliness. I love love love Christmas and there are so many things that are worth going to see and cost you $0! I had no idea that they were all there every Christmas. If you can get a chance to go and see them, they are totally worth it.

David Jones has a row of Christmas display windows that you can walk past. The kids loved them!

St Mary's Cathedral has a light show every Christmas. It is beautiful! This year it featured the Nutcracker. Photo's do not do this justice.

The Nativity scene outside St Mary's Cathedral...After all Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
 Christmas tree at St Mary's Cathedral.

St Martain's place has a sleigh made completely out of lego. If you go at certain times of the day/night, it is open to sit in and take photo's.

It would not be an Aussie Christmas if there weren't lego elves playing cricket.

There was so much more that I didn't get photo's of. The Christmas tree in the QVB was spectacular! And shopping in Pitt Street mall with Christmas lights lining the whole street and some young artists busking the night away. 

Hope you get a chance to experience the beauty of the Sydney CBD. If not this year, then be sure to put it on your list for next year.

Kylie xx

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