Monday, 6 April 2015

My Easter Rocky Road

Here's the recipe for my rocky road. Enjoy:)

1 x 375g bag of Nestle Chocolate melts
1 x bag of snakes
1 x bag of mini marshmellows
½ cup of peanuts (or any other type nut)
Chop the snakes into small pieces
Melt the cholcolate in large bowl in the microwave on high for 1 minute and then stir.
Pour the snakes, marshmellows and peanuts into the melted chocolate & stir.
Pour the mixture into a small baking dish and refrigerate. You can leave it in as long as you want but you will be able to cut into pieces after 20 minutes.

You can really put any type of lollies or nuts into the mixture. No need to use expensive snakes. I bought mine from the reject shop and everything else I bought when it was on sale. The peanuts i got out of a fruit & nut mix that I already had at home.
Try it out. It was super yummy.


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