Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lunch Wraps

One of my favourite lunches ever! I have recently re-discovered Lebanese wraps and am loving them. This is one of my favourite ways to have them for lunch. 
Spread Cottage Cheese over the wrap. Then spread BBQ sauce over the wrap (yes I love BBQ sauce, but this isn't needed to make this delicious).

 3 Slices of ham, 3 Slices of tomato and lettuce down the middle of the wrap.

 Add 2 slices of Cheese. Use whatever cheese you love. Unlike most people, I actually love what I call "plastic cheese". I love the way it melts!
 Wrap up and put it a sandwich press and toast for a few minutes.
 The Lebanese wrap comes out perfectly crispy with melted cheese throughout.....yummo! Perfect Combination.

What are some of your favourite homemade wrap recipes? I would love to hear your recipes.

Kylie xx

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