Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Countdown to Christmas Day 11....Santa hat cupcakes

These cupcakes are really cute and super fun! My favourite part of any cake, is the icing and these cupcakes are definitely all about the icing. Here's how to make them.....

* Ingredients for your favourite cake mix batter (I just used a 90 cent packet mix) 
* 125g butter, at room temperature
*2 Tbls milk
*1.5 cups icing sugar, sifted
* 300ml thickened cream

1.  Make cake mix as per instructions and divide into patty pans. Cook as per instructions.
2.  Beat the butter in a bowl, until white and creamy
3. Add the icing sugar and milk, and beat until all combined.
4. Add drops red food colouring and stir until combined. Continue this process until you get the desired red coloured icing. 
5. Place in an icing bag and pipe on top of the cake, in a swirl pattern, moving up,  from the outside, into the middle.
6. In a seperate bowl, beat the cream, until it forms soft peaks.
7. Place in a piping bag, with a shaped nozzle of your choice. Pipe dots of cream around the base of the red santa hat and then pipe one dot on the  top.
8. Place in the fridge until firm. The cream does melt quickly if they haven't been in the fridge.

Quick tip if you didn't already know.....
Put your piping bag inside a large glass and turn the top of the bag over the top of the glass. Then pour your icing into the bag. Pull the top of the bag up & twist. Cut the tip of the piping bag and your ready to pipe!

And that's it...enjoy!

Kylie xx

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