Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Countdown to Christmas Day 30.....Advent Calenders

I love, love, love Christmas. So I thought why not start a 30 day countdown to Christmas! Today is day 30 and I am kicking the countdown off with Advent Calenders.....................

            There are so many wonderful things to see and do leading up to Christmas. A few years ago I made this Advent Calender out of Scrapbooking paper and I still love it. We kick off on the 1st of December and go through to Christmas Eve.

 Each year I print out the activities and blue tak them on the back of these cards. 

Then I blue tak the cards to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. There is no order to the cards, they just get placed wherever I decide that year. If you would like to make one similar to this, the instructions are at the end of the page.

But most importantly is what activities I choose for my family to do. I have compiled a list of activity ideas below. One rule I try to remember when choosing or creating ideas, is to be realistic. If your child is at school all day and then has a sporting activity on in the afternoon, then trying to fit Christmas craft in to the busy schedule may not work. It is all about spending time & having fun together in the Christmas season.

On to the list.....

* Bake Christmas cookies
*Christmas Craft
*Go to Christmas carols
* Write Christmas cards to your friends & family
*Have a Picnic under the Christmas Tree
* Go look at Christmas lights
*Cook Christmas gifts for your neighbors
*Make paper chains
*Decorate the Christmas tree
*Hang the Outdoor Christmas lights
*Christmas party with friends
* Make a gingerbread house
*Make snowman pancakes for breakfast
*Do Christmas treat cooking
*Read Christmas stories around the tree.
*Go Christmas shopping
*Wrap Christmas presents
*Go to a Christmas concert
*Make Christmas decorations
*Have a red & green dinner
*Make a Christmas wreath
*Watch a Christmas movie
*Play Christmas Minute to Win it games
*Make a gift for your teacher
*Clean out & Donate your old toys to charity (Make sure they are still in good condition)
*Read the Christmas story from the Bible
*Make snowman pizza for dinner
*Take family Christmas Photos
*Have Santa photos taken
*Make a special Christmas Drink 
*Play Christmas Bingo (kids version coming your way very soon)
*Make Christmas shirts
*Go shopping for a new Christmas outfit
*Listen or dance to Christmas music
*Bake a birthday cake for Jesus

And if your lucky enough to live near snow....
*Build a snowman
*Go sledding
*Go Ice skating
*Make snow angels
*Have a snow ball fight

Remember to tailor your activities to fit your family. 

Instructions to make Advent cards - 
1. Gather a few different scrapbooking papers.
2. Cut 25 Rectangles (10x7.5cm each)

3. Cut 24 circles (I just traced the bottom of a tealight candle).
4. Print numbers 1-24. My numbers are white with glitter on them, but I would suggest doing them in black or another dark colour, as the white ones are a tad hard to see from far away.
5. Glue a circle onto each rectangle. It doesn’t need to be in the same spot each time. I mixed mine around a little. Make sure that the circle is made from a different paper to the rectangle that you are sticking it on.
6. Stick number 1-24 onto your circles and decorate if you like.
7. Print Activities and blue tak to back of each rectangle. Remember to check the date that you are attaching it to and make sure it is an activity that you can fit in that day.
8. Blue tak to the wall, in whatever shape you desire. I don’t put mine in order, but that is completely up to you!

Here are some ready to go free printable Countdown cards that I found on the net -

Enjoy planning!

Kylie xx

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