Monday, 30 November 2015

Countdown to Christmas Day 25...Snowman pancakes mmmm mmm!

Who likes pancakes?? We do!!! Last year when I was on the hunt for some activities to put on our advent calender, I came across this (

I thought it was super cute, so it went straight on our advent calender. Here is my attempt!!

Yep, it totally does not look as good as the picture I found. But they were still delicious and most importantly the kids loved them!

What you need:
 -Ingredients for your favorite pancake recipe (here is a great one for fluffy pancakes
-whipped cream 
-M&M's . 

1. Make your pancakes as per recipe instructions. Be sure to make some large and small ones.
2. Cut 1 strawberry in 1/2, to create the hat.
3. Cut the remaining half in half again, using one of these halves to become the mouth.
4. Place 1 small & 1 large pancake on plate as displayed. 
5. Arrange M&M's and strawberries as per photo. 
6. Pipe the whipped cream on, to create the scarf.

If you check out the original post site that I shared with you at the top of the page, they also have a really cute santa and reindeer pancake designs too.  

We will definitely be making them again this year...they are so much fun!

Kylie xx


  1. Hi love your site, / blog.. I shall be back.. cheers all the best for Christmas and the New Year..

    1. Thankyou, thats lovely:) I hope you have a fantastic Christmas!