Wednesday, 26 August 2015

DIY Father's day gifts

With Father's Day just around the corner, I thought I would share some fun and inexpensive DIY gifts that we can give our Dad's, Grandfather's or other loved ones, to celebrate them! 
At my daughter's school we are running a Father's Day stall and I am making some of these

I made this tag, as we wanted one that could be inclusive of Dad's, Grandfather's, Carer's or other loved one. On pinterest, there are a ton of different free printables for Father's Day goodies, like the ones below. (Website with free printables are attached under each picture)

Some other great gifts.....

This photo frame is super cute 

This site ( has a lot of great Fathers Day ideas, including this jar....Fill it with all your Dad's Favourite things.

If your Dad is a beer drinker and your handy with the tools, then you might want to head over to  for instructions on how to make this bottle top opener.

For the littlies, there are lots of great little crafts that you can help them make for Dad to treasure, like this hand tree from

 or this personalised artwork  

Or for wife's wanting to give their hubby's a Father's day gift, this is a really cute idea 

printable's available at

And last but not least, this site (  has a large range of awesome DIY Father's Day gifts

Enjoy spoiling your Dad's this Father's day

Kylie xx

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