Monday, 1 June 2015

Getting Life Organised Part 1!

Well today Monday, it is the 1st day of June and for us here in Australia, it is also the 1st day of Winter brrrr!! And yes, it is cold today!! So what better day to start a get organised challenge!

With Winter upon us, I have to admit that I find it really hard to get out of bed in the morning. In fact, I would say that bed is my most favourite place during winter. So firstly, I want to get organised with my morning duties so that we can have stress free mornings......and maybe an extra 20 mins of zzzzzzzzzz's!!

Here's what I plan to do......

Get organised with lunches
Whether you make lunches for yourself or someone else, for work or for school, your morning will run much smoother if they are prepared in advance. This is something that I have done at different times, but I have never made it a routine. So my 1st challenge is to get more organised with lunches. On a Sunday I will make all the sandwiches for my kids for the school week. Once made, I wrap them in glad wrap and put them in the freezer. 

 Along with this, I will start packing the rest of the lunch boxes each night. I will put the made up drink bottles in the fridge. In the morning, I will just grab out the drink bottle, sandwich and any other fridge items that need to go in the lunch boxes. 
If you are working, then making your lunch at the start of the week, or at least the night before, will give you less stress in the morning or may keep you from wasting money buying your lunch each day. If I get really organised, I might even start making my hubby's lunch!! But i'm not committing to that yet lol! 

Get clothes organised the night before
On the weekends our kids seem to be able to find their own clothes and get dressed quickly. During the week however, they have absolutely no motivation to get ready. In light of how long it takes them (particularly miss 7) to find her school clothes, I've decided to lay them out on the couch the night before. If you are someone that takes too long in the morning to choose what you are going to wear, then you would probably save time by doing this too. This won't only save us much arguing and whinging in the morning, but it will also eliminate those moments where you realise (in the morning) that your child has no uniform to wear, as it's still in the laundry. If you have never done this before, then you are way way way more organised than me...I have done it too many times to remember!

Bags Packed and ready to go for the next day
Any homework, readers, news, spare clothes e.t.c for the following day, get packed in the school bags, which hang at the front door. I hate trying to run around like a mad women trying to find homework in the morning. This is something that I have done for a while, but I would like to be more organised with my own bag too. So I'm going to start packing the baby bag at night with anything I need in it for the next day.

I have done the majority of this stuff before but never kept up with it. Such small things the night before, make for a super organised morning. It also means that if you sleep in, it's no problem. Everything is ready to go!

Kylie xx

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