Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bringing an old buffet to life

With moving into our new home (in August), we finally had room for some more furniture:):)! 
I have wanted a buffet for a while now. This used to be my Grandma's and had been sitting in my sisters garage for a while and she was now keen to get rid of it. Perfect!! Just what i needed. Plus she only lives across the road, so it was even easier to get here. 
Obviously it's pretty dated, but nothing a coat of paint can't fix!

This is what it looked like when i got it. It also had a hutch, which we got rid of at the time but i'm now regretting doing that. It would have been perfect to house my crazy tea set that i have just started collecting....yes I'm an old lady at heart:)

Seeing as the buffet was lacquered, i had to use a primer/stain killer so that the lacquer wouldn't seep through the paint. I used Zinsser's 1 2 3 Interior & Exterior primer, sealer & stain killer. Cost was $24.90 and after 2 coats on the entire buffet, there was still plenty left in the tin. I removed the doors before applying the primer.

After the primer, i painted 3 coats of white gloss enamel paint. I used Taubmans Tradex White enamel paint. Cost is $49.90 for 4 litres. After doing this, another project and architraves/skirtings in 3 rooms, we still have plenty left in the tin! 

We kept all the same hinges, so the only other thing that needed to be purchased were the 3 door handles. This was actually the biggest cost in the whole project. They were $6 each, which only seems expensive cause it's a tiny little handle!
We already had the 2 tins of paint, so this whole project only cost an extra $18! That's my type of furniture! Love a good bargain:) 

Kylie xo


  1. I have the same buffet with the hutch. Andrew has been talking about getting rid of it but I like your idea, it looks great.

  2. What a difference a coat of paint makes! I've done this with my old pine furniture too, because these days good solid furniture is hard to come by. Now I sound like an old lady ;) x